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How to get PAS 2030 certified with
Easy PAS Plus in 5 easy steps

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We’ll collect some key information about you and your business to create your unique quality management system (QMS). We’ll ensure that your QMS is fully compliant with PAS 2030:2019 and PAS 2035. The QMS provides everything you need to kickstart your certification process for the required paperwork, procedures and certificates.

Assigning your consultant

We will appoint a designated consultant to guide you through the PAS 2030 certification process. Your consultant will be available to answer any questions you have and provide ongoing support.

Ongoing support

Once your company is certified, Easy PAS Plus will be at your side to make sure that you remain compliant and will assist with any problems you might encounter. The ongoing support will ensure that your business is continuously aligned with PAS 2030:2019 standards so that you can provide excellent service to your customers.

Arrange your
certification audit

With the guidance of your designated consultant, you will receive expert advice on what to expect from preparation to certification assessment.

What to expect from your PAS 2030 Assessment

To gain PAS 2030 certification your business will need to be assessed by a PAS 2030 Certification Body.
Usually there is both an office based and an onsite assessment.

To prepare for the assessment you need to:

  • Have a quality management system that’s compliant with PAS 2030:2019 and PAS 2035 regulations.
  • Have an example of your chosen energy efficiency measures.
  • Ensure your business has all the necessary technical competencies to carry out your chosen installation measures.
  • Ensure your business has access to the required personnel qualified to carry out the retrofit roles required by PAS 2035:
    • Assessor
    • Coordinator
    • Designer
    • Evaluator

At Easy PAS Plus we provide you with a compliant Quality Management System that lets your business meet a personal consultant to support you to implement it into your business, as well the requirements of PAS 2030, as well as assisting you through your certification and the assessment process and beyond.
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