Ventilation and condensation requirements

We’ve been seeing a lot of requirements by Certification Bodies and TrustMark Data Warehouse to ensure adequate ventilation within PAS 2030 insulation projects going for assessment, lodgement and annual audit. Under PAS, ensuring appropriate ventilation under Part F of the building regulations has become more prominent than it may have been in the past and you must ensure that these requirements are being addressed for every insulation project.

To ensure the property has suitable ventilation, someone appropriately qualified must review the design for the project, taking into account existing ventilation and any proposed, to ensure that the property will be adequately ventilated following the completion of any energy efficiency improvements. This includes:

  • Thermal performance calculations
  • Ventilation requirements (including any existing ventilation, paying close attention to wet rooms (kitchens, bathrooms, etc))
  • Completing a Condensation Risk Analysis report for the property
  • Proposed details for the main interfaces including, but not limited to:
    • Thermal bridging
    • Seals on doors and windows
    • Party walls
    • Roofline joists

If you are unsure of any of the above, the system designer or manufacturer can usually include these measures as part of the project and there are tools available on the internet if you feel you have the knowledge to complete them – if in doubt, you should always consult a suitably qualified professional to ensure that the installation will not create more problems than it solves and as we are seeing more often, if these reports and calculations are missing, it will be flagged by an oversight body such as TrustMark. Always best to be over-prepared!