Retrofit Roles under PAS 2035 and what they mean for you

Under PAS 2030:2019/PAS 2035, the introduction of the Retrofit roles has given quite a few pause for thought. It’s now a requirement for you to have these roles either in house, or subcontracted onto every PAS job. Let’s have a little rundown of what each one does:

  • Retrofit Advisor – delivers advice on measures to clients and householders
  • Retrofit Assessor – carries out the assessment on the property to ensure suitability for the measures and supplies data to the Retrofit Coordinator
  • Retrofit Coordinator – Project manager of the entire process from enquiry to handover and beyond, sometimes fulfilling the roles of the other areas if they’re qualified for them
  • Retrofit Designer – this is the person who carries out the retrofit design based on the project pathway. Designers sometimes require higher level qualifications for more complex pathway projects
  • Retrofit Evaluator – Person responsible for monitoring the installation once complete to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness
  • With the correct qualifications, one person could carry out all the roles above for your business, you wouldn’t need to have one person for each role. The qualification for a Retrofit Coordinator covers many aspects of the process and if you’re looking at getting PAS 2030 certification for the long haul, you should consider investing in the course for someone within the business. You can find more about the qualification from the Retrofit Academy, here.

    If bringing the qualification in-house isn’t viable for you at the moment, you can subcontract these roles out to suitably qualified persons, just remember to get copies of their qualifications and make sure they have everything required. It would be good to find a few companies or individuals who offer Retrofit services, and try to build relationships with them. The charges may differ from company to company, so it’s worth having a shop around. You can find more here by searching for ‘Retrofit Coordinator PAS 2035’ on the TrustMark ‘Find a Tradesperson’ search area.

    Whichever route you take, these roles are not optional for PAS 2030:2019 projects and you should ensure that you’re prepared. Easy Green Deal can help you, just give us a call on 0161 768 5807 to get started on your PAS 2030 journey.