Training and qualifications for PAS 2030:2019

We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about the qualifications required for installing measures under PAS 2030:2019. There’s been a bit of confusion surrounding this as the PAS states that either you must have or be working towards a vocational qualification in your chosen measures, but it also mentions an ‘experienced operative’ who is able to demonstrate competence to their Certification Body and thereby receive confirmation of this through what they’ve called a ‘Personal Certificate of Competence’.

From research and asking around various Bodies, it looks like there isn’t a mechanism in place just yet for Certification Bodies to award a ‘Personal Certificate of Competence’ and therefore it is a requirement under PAS 2030:2019 that you must demonstrate a vocational qualification for the measures you wish to install. This means for insulation installers, that time served/years of experience likely won’t count as competence, you’d need to be looking at an NVQ. As long as you can demonstrate that you’re working towards one (if you don’t already have one), this should be enough, but we always recommend asking your chosen Certification Body what they’d like to see, and also provide them with any qualifications you currently have to see if they will accept them as proof of vocational competence.

There are plenty of course providers who are offering NVQ pathways for all insulation under PAS, do your research and choose the right one for you.